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So what does Mercury leaving Capricorn soon mean for you? You have just over a week left of a very busy cycle. The best thing you can do is reassure yourself that you will always be required to juggle so many balls at once and do what you can to stoically and systematically work through the list of Things To Do you have before you.

Before too long, you will have a much improved chance to relax. Working with the Full Moon eclipse means tuning into it, feeling the energies and doing some release work.

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You may feel somewhat apprehensive about talking about this, but the truth will really set you free. You have let your secret fester for too long and it is now time to bring everything out in the open and watch for an honest reaction.

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You are going to be quite surprised at the reaction that your partner is likely to have to your revelations. You will come to understand how much you have underestimated the feelings and commitment that your partner has towards you.

You were apprehensive that your partner is going to be angry or disappointed or even shocked at what you have to say. But when you actually say it, you will find only one emotion.

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Your partner is going to be overwhelmingly concerned with your emotional well being. You'll need to be willing to say things that might trigger uncomfortable feelings in you and others. Thankfully, you'll have more courage to go deeper than anyone else.

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You are more than well-equipped. Later in the month you might be ready to work on a communications-related project that will require deep concentration.

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There is the capacity for you to become an expert at this -- whatever the topic might be. You might already be looked to as the wise elder in this arena by others and it doesn't matter how young or old you are. If this is the case, you'll see it as both an honor and an awesome responsibility.