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The dark side of Aries: Motor-mouthed, boring, arrogant, scoring, and Seventh in Sylvia Sky's series of Zodiac "dark side" personality profiles.
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They love fast cars, fast women, and fast food. They have a penchant for racing and engaging in sports that involve an element of risk, like skydiving. For many, an Aries in love is just a little too hot to handle.

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If you happen to the lucky one that is the love interest for an Aries, prepare to be pounced on. You will be hunted down like a deer at the end of a scope. They love to be the pursuer in any relationship, and they will come on to you very directly. So direct its scary. They expect no less than absolute commitment and fidelity from you, but not necessarily for themselves.

And just as fast as an Aries can get into a relationship or your pants , they can leave it even quicker. Being an Aries, is all about being 1 all the time. They hate to be stuck behind people, and they will do just about anything to be in a position of leadership.

March 21 to April 20

Aquarians look at life through a unique perspective of their own. As a fixed sign, nobody is more certain of their own rightness than this type of Aquarius. Arguments with these people can be an exercise in frustration because they know what they know, and there is no swaying their perspective. Because they lack a personal will, the fully detached Aquarian can't sense as well as see the nature of a given situation, so they remain unaware that there is anything missing in themselves or from their picture. There is no question that the dark side of Aquarius can be dangerous. Their inability to empathize with others' emotions combined with their intellectual brilliance is a recipe for cruelty, though most often expressed in socially accepted yet arguably evil forms, such as vivisection or the calculating, power-driven corporate world.

Aquarius knows how to work the system very well because they helped to create it. An Aquarian man can be distant, aloof, and uncomfortable with emotions. These traits are particularly detrimental and confusing when it comes to love. Aquarians can adopt a "love me or don't" attitude and won't waste their time trying to win a person's love.

All Aquarian women have difficulty with intimacy, but when they go to the dark side, they can be true ice queens who are cold-hearted, aloof, bitchy, and always ready to match wits with everyone. A dark Aquarian woman feels she must be tougher and smarter than her male rivals. Repressed emotions can burst forth under pressure.

Dark Side of You -- Aries

Aquarius can be capricious and unpredictable, prone to lightning-bolt-like bursts of temper. Such an excessively detached Aquarius is judgmental and contemptuous of others' vulnerable feelings. Always on the outside, they watch the rest of humanity dispassionately, yet critically. Intimate connection is their kryptonite; they strive to maintain a certain distance from others even in intimate situations.

When an Aquarian gets angry, they get agitated, but attempt to remain emotionally aloof and completely ignore the person. However, they can be infuriated to the point of blowing up and become wild and unsympathetic. When things feel out of balance, addressing the issues before they get out of hand will ease some of the heartache that can sometimes accompany this sign.

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The "King of the Jungle" is one of the most exuberant and fiery of the zodiac. As a natural-born leader, a Leo tends to take the reigns and try and control situations. This expectation and command of control is accompanied by all of the usual pitfalls of holding power. It's important for them to notice when they're trying to control a situation that isn't their responsibility, like someone else's life and choices.

Leos are compassionate, driven, and generally warm human beings. Their fire burns bright, so developing an awareness for those that are quieter or more passive, and using their power to lift others up, would be fulfilling for the Leo. The detail-oriented, sometimes perfectionist Virgos are a very efficient bunch. True to their Earth sign, they're grounded, a little rigid, organized, conservative, and hard-working.

1. They are hot-headed.

Below the surface, they're passionate and have a deep sense of humanity. The Virgo must be watchful of their emotional health. All of that thinking and planning can easily tip over into overthinking, worry, and anxiety. Their cautious nature can exacerbate this problem, always thinking of what could go wrong and planning around it.

When the Virgo balances out their traits, rather than leaning too far any which way, they're very successful and wonderful friends to have. The Libra values harmony, equality, and balance in all aspects of their life. With this need for harmony, they're sometimes at risk for being too passive and allowing others to get what they want just to keep the peace.

Their fear of turbulence can lead to indecisiveness and a fear of confrontation. This air sign makes a wonderful friend and listener, always providing a diplomatic response during difficult times. They value the finer things in life, as well as having a partner to share life with. Being mindful of their need for harmony is essential in relationships so that they don't sacrifice their truth in order to maintain cooperation and peace.

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The Scorpios are a misunderstood crew of mysterious humans. The fact that they're represented by a scorpion doesn't ease any of the fears and darkness that surround this water sign. The Scorpio seems to thrive in darkness and shadows in a constant, metaphorical death and rebirth. And because of that, they've received somewhat of a bad reputation that they're manipulative and cruel. Scorpios do have a knack for achieving results by subtle manipulation, but most often, it's done in a way that isn't harmful for others. It has to do with strategy, charisma, and intellect, which aren't bad things.

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Of course, this power could be used maliciously, but let's just cut them some slack and give them the benefit of the doubt. These fiery travelers seek out all the adventure that life has to offer them.

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They thrive in environments where they have the freedom to do what they want, when they want. They aren't known for tact and will share their heart when necessary, although they do try and deliver that truth in a digestible way. As this fire sign, and any fire sign, it's important to be aware of your own power so that your burning light doesn't dim the light of others. A Sagittarius loves freedom and adventure, which can make it difficult to maintain close friendships at times, so finding those willing to journey with them is important.

This earth sign stays true to its roots that are deep within the Earth and sometimes immovable.